All of my posts so far have been really long and formal.  I’ve been wanting to break them up with some more casual posts you’d typically see on a blog, but I’ve been having trouble coming up with what to say!  I’ve had more trouble coming up with a casual post than I had writing those long formal ones.

That’s an Asperger’s trait, for sure– all of my thoughts tend to be carefully constructed, pieced together sentence by sentence in my mind.  That would be good for a lecture.  But conversation doesn’t work that way for most people.  I’m not very good at doing “small talk.”

I can go on at great length about one of my areas of interest (like astronomy, football history, science fiction, or old video games), but if someone isn’t interested in hearing about that, sometimes I have trouble figuring out how to move the conversation along.

My mind works most easily by following rules– and conversation either has way too many rules for me to keep track of or no rules except “be yourself.”  Which isn’t too helpful for a logical mind like mine– how can I be anything other than myself?  Maybe “be yourself” really means to stop thinking so much and rely on intuition.  But my intuition is broken, and my “thinking” won’t stop!

Maybe I can do some posts about my special interests– the problem is that they’re pretty obsessive special interests, and it would end up being something like “My 70 favorite video games.”  (I’m not exaggerating– I wrote up the list a few years ago; I only have to update it!)

So, any advice on either the blog or real-life version of small talk?