Today I’ve been annoyed because I wanted to post about something, but a good post just hasn’t formed in my mind clearly enough for me to get it into written form.  There’s not really anything going on, either.  A friend of mine who also loves astronomy invited me to go stargazing with him tonight, but I couldn’t come because I have to work online for a couple hours tonight.

But my mood is a bit improved right now, because the Pittsburgh Penguins just won in overtime to start their playoff season off with a 2-0 lead over the hated Philadelphia Flyers.  I don’t get to watch most of the Penguins’ playoff games on TV here (ever since the league cancelled a season because of a labor dispute, their TV contract has been a lot flimsier).  But that means I get to enjoy the radio calls of Pittsburgh’s Mike Lange (last name pronounced “Lang”) over the Internet!

He does a nice job of calling the action of the game, but what makes listening to him really fun is waiting to find out what he’s going to say after the Penguins’ next goal.  Lange has dozens of catchphrases that are about the most random things ever.  Watch and listen to the video to see what I mean!