Hello again!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here.  This post has actually been in draft form for several weeks.  A major reason for this is that I’m dealing with a few more items being added to my list:

  • With school starting, my online tutoring job has begun.  This is my second year of working from home, reading students’ English papers, answering their questions, and offering suggestions about what to work on in future drafts.  I have a light schedule in terms of hours, but I still find it causes me a lot of stress because I have a hard time writing the critiques quickly enough.
  • I have just started taking some classes myself on the subject of Web programming.  I’m expecting to learn a lot of computer languages that will hopefully give me more skills to add to my resume and help me get a full-time job in Web design or Web administration.  In preparation, I’ve been having to deal with getting the paperwork all in order with the school to start paying for and taking the classes.
  • Football season has started!  🙂  As I do at the start of each new season, I’ve been having fun making schedules for various college and pro teams and working on my football history website.  Even though this is a fun activity, it requires time and energy like anything else, so I have to figure out how to fit it in.
  • I am working on making CD recordings of the sermons of a former pastor and close friend of mine who passed away a while ago.  He was a very good teacher, and it’s great to get to hear so many of his sermons, most of them from before I met him.  I’m also glad to help make sure these sermons are preserved for others to hear.
  • At my current church, I’m part of a team multimedia slides with Bible verses and sermon points on them for the congregation to read for each week’s service.  I’m glad to have the opportunity to help with this, because I enjoy working from computers and I can mostly work from home.  I’m thankful that our leader is being very patient and encouraging in dealing with the little steps that have to be added through trial and error when a lot of people are working together.(For a while, I wasn’t getting his e-mails because my spam filter was grabbing them for some reason.  Another time, I got confused because I couldn’t remember what he looked like and got him mixed up with someone else at church.  (Therefore, when I asked someone “Is everything all right with the presentation?” he didn’t have any idea what I was talking about and said “I think so.”  As it turned out, everything wasn’t all right and the presentation didn’t work that day.)
  • There is a little bit of work to do each day around the house, whether it’s sweeping the floor or helping my mother with a project on the computer.  Recently, I was watching over the house and the dog while my parents were on vacation, and thankfully, they left a list for me to keep track of what I needed to do every day.
  • There are some things I need to do because they are good for me– exercise and reading, but I usually don’t want to.
  • I still really enjoy playing the guitar; I just figured out how to play a great song by the Christian group The Waiting.

I feel strange admitting that this schedule feels overwhelming to me, because it’s a very light schedule compared to what most people have to keep track of.  It’s as if I require more space around each of the things in my life than most people, because it takes me longer to “change gears” and collect myself for each task.

The fact that one of my more stressful tasks, the online tutoring, comes close to the end of my day means that I rarely feel at ease enough to devote spare energy to writing this blog, even when I’d really like to.

I hope that I will be able to get better at this somehow, as it’s a pretty basic requirement of adult life.