Overall, I think it has been great being back in school again.  It gives me a chance to interact with people near my own age and work on my social skills, an area in which I’m often very uncertain.  But from time to time, I’m reminded that my mind just doesn’t seem to work the same way as other people’s.

On the morning of my final presentation in Photoshop class, I was walking to my third-floor classroom, and as I entered the stairwell, I held the door open for a young woman, and she smiled at me.

I thought it was nice of her to do that, as not many people smile at strangers early in the morning.  As I walked up the stairs a few steps ahead of her, I expected her to leave the stairwell at the second floor.  (I often find myself keeping track of where other people are going and sometimes hoping they will go another direction, as I feel more self-conscious if I know someone else can see me.)

But the woman kept following me up to the top floor of the building, and she was still following me down the hall toward my classroom!

As I neared the classroom, I began to suspect what turned out to be the case.  She had been one of my classmates in that class this whole quarter!  Her smile had been one of recognition, but embarrassingly, I wasn’t able to recognize her outside of the classroom.  It was only after she sat down in her usual seat two chairs away from me that I was able to remember that I had seen her before.    😐